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Our help! Help ours! >>>

Our help! Help ours! # Armwrestling #

How to help? Effectively and in an organized manner. I've called a dozen or so of “ours”, so Armwrestling People from Poland. All of them are helping. Some are collecting necessary items, other are helping with logistics, some are drivers for refugees. The rich and the poor – everyone is helping. A car, transportation, food, clothing, accommodation. ()

From what I've seen with my own eyes, I get the feeling that people in Poland are becoming kinder and are smiling more to one another nowadays. There's hope in that...

Let's not be afraid to say that we're helping in our Sports Family. Let's not stop this help. I don't know how it's going to end but it's our human duty! I know you're helping. I know you're sharing what you have, what is needed with our friends from Ukraine. It's not a time for thank-yous. We just have to do it!

Let's watch out for false information! Let's be careful not to get fooled by sneaky, intense propaganda.

Simple human help, without doubts.

The Polish Armwrestling Federation, as you know, is gathering help for all of ours, so all Sisters and Brothers in Armwrestling!

Let's offer each other a hand in need!

It's going to take some more time. We should get organized properly.

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Pardon the elevated tone of this article, today is not the time for witty texts. Let's keep each other going in what we're doing.

One more thing... If anyone's in doubt what to do... You should act in such a way so that you can look your children in the eye tomorrow, the day after, in a year, without guilt.

Stay strong, let's see each other soon!


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