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Boars “pour la France!” >>>

Boars “pour la France!” # Armwrestling #

Just in case, let me clarify: the title was supposed to say “Boars on their way to France”. The IFA World Championships are just round the corner. The first, let's say, “easily accessible”, since barely anyone from Poland went to the ones in the USA. Precisely – nobody went. ()

Therefore, now's our first chance to confront the world's best, though significantly slimmed, group of armwrestlers. You know well who I'm talking about – who will be missed and who (I hope) will miss the event. But since sports is, as they say, separate from politics, it's time for some rehearsal pulling. Bielice Boars are pulling and claim they're ready. The club is a relatively young one in the Polish

All rivals from Europe and the world know these names.

The leader of Boars, Damian Zaorski, gives us some names:

“Bielice Boars are preparing really hard for the upcoming IFA World Championships. We're taking Natalia Kwiatkowska, Emilia Filińska, Jan Bętkowski, Andrzej Hymer and me, Damian Zaorski. Considering the results from this year's European Championships, I can risk saying that we'll fight to repeat them, and it means that all of us want to get a medal and all of us actually can. We're waiting impatiently for the event and our first start at a competition of this level.”


Take a look at the European Championships results from this year and look for these names... And... maybe... try to avoid their weight categories. It's a joke, of course! May the best win!

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