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Marek Monachowicz: Doom! >>>

Marek Monachowicz: Doom! # Armwrestling #

Until this year's Polish Championships, I had been haunted by the "fourth place doom". Many say that the fourth place is worse than the last one because one keeps thinking the podium was so, so close... Well, it seems there was a breakthrough. ()

PeSzy: Marek, how's your condition before the World Championships?

Marek Monachowicz: Good, I've already started regenerating.


PeSzy: How many championships have you been to before?

Marek: I haven't been keeping track. I think this will be the fifth. I think my condition is better than before this year's European Championships so I think it's quite alright. My plans for this competition? Of course, a medal, and some good fights with armwrestlers from the other side of the Ocean! I have some slight issues with my left arm that still hasn't healed from my origin injury. The story of this injury is long because it started in Hel during my fight with Dawid Bartosiewicz and during the last European Championships I felt it again. So I will have to choose my technique wisely to minimize the use of the muscle origin.


PeSzy: What are your strengths?

Marek: Of course, the hook. I've recently been working on my endurance recently, too. But as they say, the table will tell us the truth.

Until the last Polish Championships I have been placing fourth all the time, always missing the medals just by bits. I never cared and kept pushing until I started getting medals, too. First, the Polish Championships, then the European Championships too. I'm glad I managed to break through this streak and finally stand on the podium. I also have great memories from the Vendettas where I won against people like Marcin Molenda or Grzesiek Grębski (I know he's hoping for a revenge, I just have to gain a few kilos). My biggest loss was the competition in Hel (in 2020, I think) when I injured both of my arms and I thought it would be the end of my career. But I managed to heal and get back to training.

PeSzy: I always tell injured armwrestlers to come back slowly and patiently, and it worked in your case!


Marek: I had trained with "warmup" weights for almost a year before I came back to regular trainings.


PeSzy: So, Marek - good luck!

Marek: All the best to all members of our team!

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