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Wiesław Rzanny: „No loss has...” >>>

Wiesław Rzanny: „No loss has...” # Armwrestling #

Wiesław Rzanny, a multiple member of Team Poland, multiple Master event medalist, is preparing for his World Championships debut. Debut? Yes, in Masters! Oh, how time flies! ()

Wieslaw, how are your preparations going?

Wiesiek Rzanny: My preparations have actually started before the Polish Championships. There were ups and downs... and after every competition I tried to improve my weak points. Am I ready for the World Championships? That will be decided by my rivals in a week.

Anyway, now I'm just regenerating.


PeSzy: How many World Championships have you participated in before?

Wiesiek: Actually, I can't remember... But I think it's the fourth time I'm going (the first one was in 2009). However, these will for sure be my first World Championships in Masters.


PeSzy: You know many of the rivals very well...

Wiesiek: For now, I think a very difficult opponent will be Peter Racek from Slovakia, the vice-champion from 2019 who will for sure be well-prepared.


PeSzy: Alright, I will call him and ask! He said he's stronger than he's ever been and can't wait to fight you.

Wiesiek: Additionally, I have to mention competitors from Masters who didn't participate in the World Championships because the last ones were in 2019 before COVID. So it will definitely be an event that will bring around many surprises – both pleasant and not!


PeSzy: Tell me, how have you been growing as an athlete for the past few years?

Wiesiek: I've always been collected at the table. I make every fight a lesson and for now I think my confidence has grown. But every duel and every opponent is a great unknown.


PeSzy: And losses?

Wiesław: A loss has never been a cause of loss of motivation or love for the sport for me.


PeSzy: Thanks for the interview and good luck!

Wiesiek: All the best to all fans of armwrestling!

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