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Lucjan Fudała: I will come back stronger! >>>

Lucjan Fudała: I will come back stronger! # Armwrestling #

What's up with Lucjan Fudała? What caused a break in his starts? I'll tell you all about it in a second but first – let's go back to the unbeatable moment of Polish armwrestling. ()

It was Warsaw, 2008. The Nemiroff World Cup in Hilton Hotel. The absolute best of the best, including the Legend of the USA, John Brzenk (cat. 95 kg, left arm). For the first time in the history of World Cups, a Polish armwrestler took the first place on the podium. It was a great moment for both Lucjan and the entire Polish armwrestling.

I've just realized it's been fourteen years... Dear Lord!

There are already people in Polish armwrestling who might not even remember it! That's why I'm reminding all of us. It was a great day for our sport. Lucjan started his trainings suddenly in 2004, in Jaworzno, and that's how it took off.

Now a jump back in time – here's the link to an interview from 2018, right after the end of OPEN duels:

Link tutaj

Now, back to the present – September 2022 and a few sentences from the Master:

I've been struggling with elbow pains for a year.

I've tried myself at the Polish Championships and in professional duels, with injuries in August. I still do general workouts but I've taken a six-month break from fights at the table. After returning to typically armwrestling-oriented training, I started feeling my brachioradialis a lot, I guess my muscles have to adapt to intense trainings and it takes time. For now, I'm doing physical therapy and 'dry needling', hoping to see some change. When it comes to my starts, it depends on the condition of my injuries. If they pass, I will come back. Stronger...? It would be nice, definitely in great sports condition.

PeSzy: Do any of these injuries affect your daily life?

Lucjan: No, no, but I can't compete on a level that I'd expect from myself yet.

PeSzy: Lucjan, thank you for the interview and I wish you can get through these injuries and win at the table again!

Lucjan: Thank you, and hope to see you soon!

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