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Paulina Janoszka: “I need opponents!” >>>

Paulina Janoszka: “I need opponents!” # Armwrestling #

There aren’t many women in Polish armwrestling, same as in the world. That’s why we should write about them more. Look for examples, show how they got into the sport and how their careers are evolving. We’ve recently met Paulina. The way she talks about herself, she’s still a beginner but… ()

But it looks like a great beginning. Read about how her career started – Paweł Gawenda’s interview with Paulina Janoszek. A classic first – how did you stumble upon armwrestling?

Paulina: I’ve only been training for less than a year. My story started with my visit to the Cracow Championships 2022. So it’s all thanks to Darek Groch!

Paulina: I still wasn’t competing back then, I was only helping with filming the competition. My boyfriend convinced me to try myself with one of the female athletes at a table on the side and it turned out I have a lot of strength despite being inexperienced. It really motivated me to train armwrestling and the competition allowed me to find some interest in the sport itself and understand it a little. I started training quite consistently in April with the help of Slava (my boyfriend) and Bohdana Blyzniuk’s motivation. She was the one that I wrestled with for the first time.

Armwrestling is not the first sport that I fell in love with. As a teenager, I was very into fitness and jogging, when I was 16 I started weight training and people kept nagging me to try powerlifting but I never did. When I was 18, I got into calisthenics and devoted my time to it completely. I still think it’s very underrated and it builds strength incredibly well. I got back to weight training at the beginning of last year – I love bench press!

In March, I stumbled upon armwrestling and a little later I also started attending boxing classes. These days I train not only armwrestling but also calisthenics and martial arts, and I do weight training, too. Sometimes it’s a little too much and I can’t find the time and strength for everything but I’m trying to combine it all logically. Armwrestling is now my top priority, though. Tell us, how often a week do you train armwrestling? Maybe you can brag about some weight records?

Paulina: I currently train twice a week but they’re long and exhausting sessions. Sometimes my third training of the week is sparring with others but I have to admit there aren’t many armwrestling women in Wrocław so I mostly fight with guys. There’s a possibility that my armwrestling trainings will become more important to me than other disciplines in the future so I will have more trainings every week.

My personal record for the bench press is probably the most impressive, it’s 90 kg – I’ve managed to do it quite recently. That’s really impressive! You’ll probably break a hundred soon.

Paulina: When it comes to armwrestling, last month I had the pleasure to be the guest in SNA – Sprawdzenie Na Armwrestlera – where my strength results were checked through armwrestling exercises.

The video is available on the Kuksa Armwrestling YouTube channel. I’ve seen the video and I can tell you, your results are impressive! Congratulations! I think that getting such good results in some exercises would be hard even for me. Tell us, do you have a sports idol that inspires you and motivates you to train?

Paulina: Throughout the years there have been many people that inspired me in different areas for a longer or shorter periods of time but I never had just one idol. There’s one thing that inspires me more than anything, though:

I don’t want to improve as an athlete in just one sport but as an all-rounder. I think it’s the highest level of sports competence – not just being strong but also having great endurance, not only having big muscles but also being able to use them and stay mobile. Of course I understand that it’s impossible to be a master in all areas equally but I’m still trying to get there – that’s why I train more than one sport. I really wouldn’t like to be a very strong armwrestler but be unable to take two flights of stairs without getting out of breath. Do you see yourself as a future national champion or are your plans for the sport a little less ambitious?

Paulina: I believe that if I work hard with a good plan, systematically, I will be able to reach my goals. I got in this sport so deeply by now that it’s going to become a great part of my life for the upcoming years – this April, I want to try myself at the Polish Championships and then I will adjusts my further plans accordingly.

For now, I’m still learning a lot from every fight and my more experienced seniors – I really want to win a gold medal in the future, of course, but I’m taking it easy and I respect my rivals a lot, especially their hard work and experience in the sport.

Besides sports achievements, I would also like to simply invite more girls and women to train armwrestling. I can see and I know that many women with potential don’t get into the sport because they see it as generally male. I hate these kinds of stereotypes and divisions, I would love it if more women could appreciate their strength, work on it and show it to the world. We hope you can continue promoting our sport and that it will give great results.

Paulina: Thank you for your kind words and for the interview, I hope I can show my best skills at the Polish Championships.

photos: Bogus Zdanowski

Paulina’s achievements up to date:

12th Międzychód Championships 2022, Left arm open: gold, Right arm open: gold;

1st Baru Hopper Championships 2022, Right arm open: gold;

Amateur Polish Championships 2022, Right arm 65+: gold;

Marklowice Cup 2022, Right arm open: gold, Left arm open: gold;

1st Teresin Tournament 2023: Right arm open: silver, Left arm open: silver

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