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Spirit of antiquity! >>>

Spirit of antiquity! # Armwrestling #

Greece – the cradle of sports! Kalokagatia, the Greek philosophy of noble and ethical conduct, combining beauty with goodness, gave rise to ancient sport. Subsequently, the First Olympic Games held in Greece in 1896 resurrected modern sport. And then you know. ()

The IFA World Armwrestling Championships planned for next year will be held in Greece and I (I don't know about you?) see it as a symbol. It's true that there was no armwrestling at the ancient games...

12 Greek medals!

Greece's representatives won twelve medals at this year's World Championships.
Gold was won by: Ioannis Patsenko; Christos Papadopoulos; Efstathios Iakovidis; Konstantinos Petridis.

Silver was won by: Ilias Petridis; Ioannis Patsenko; Christos Papadopoulos; Efstathios Iakovidis; Dimitrios Filikidis; Konstantinos Petridis.

Bronze: Ilias Petridis; Ioannis Patsenko.

In 5th place: Efstathios Iakovides; Christos Papadopoulos.

In 6th place: Konstantinos Petridis; Ioannis Patsenko.

Voiced by: Dimitris Filikidis

We are very happy to host the 2024 World Championship IFA and we will do our best to make everything right.

About the just ended championships:

The appearance of our country in the World of Malaysia. I think was very good. We were seven athletes and got 12 medals in total. Our juniorss also participated in the senior categories and won several victories, and the surprise for us was to see our sixteen-year-old athlete Ioannis Pantchenko win third place in the senior category.

About Ioannis Pantchenko:

He was born in Greece to Russian and Greek parents. He came to the gym when he was 12 years old and really liked the sport of armwrestling. I can say that he is one of the most hardworking athlet, very persistent in his goal, he trains furiously and fulfills the entire training plan I give him and more. He is a high school student.



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