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Paweł Malicki: JUNIOR & SENIOR! >>>

Paweł Malicki: JUNIOR & SENIOR! # Armwrestling #

The article is long but interesting, full of references to other ones. Enjoy! I hope it brings a smile to your faces as you read about this spectacular victory. ()

Junior and Senior from MASON DROESSE – this was the title of the second article after the Malaysian Championships. It started like this:

“If a junior stands on the podium among seniors, it can't be a coincidence. Esepecially since it wasn't a local tournament but rather an event of the highest rank: the IFA World Championship 2023.”

I said that about the Canadian, now I'm saying the same about the Pole. Paweł Malicki: Junior & Senior!

One more thing to note because I've already written about him a while ago and the title was:


When I published it, there was only one thought in my head: I hope I didn't f**king jinx it! And, as of now, I haven't!

Now, let's hear from Paweł, and then, from Trainer Paweł with a huge smile and deepest respect.

Paweł Malicki:

I went to Kuala Lumpur filled with excitement and positive energy, the training process for Malaysia was difficult and very demanding. I felt very well-prepared and strong at the table. But I saw a big challenge in front of me. I was enrolled in three categories, both arms, and I didn't know what to expect, especially in a place as far away as Malaysia. It was my first ever trip outside Europe and I'd never fought with any of the athletes on my starting list (except for the disabled category). After right arm in junior (finished with bronze) I felt disappointed. I knew I could do better, I promised myself to give it my 200% in senior and I fueled myself with every battle won.

I am very happy. I feel like I did an amazing job, even more so than I planned.

My dad was there with me and he was somewhat like a mentor and a psychologist to me, he can always motivate me and always believes with me.

My mom and closest family, on the other hand, kept sending me voice messages with happy cheers. It was always nice to hear it and it ignited lots of warmth in my heart that I have such strong support from Poland.

Despite the fact that it's a great achievement and satisfaction to me, I will not stop, I still want to evolve and improve, and always do better. I know there's still a lot for me to work on and a long way ahead of me.

I intend to work hard all the time to become better and reach higher.

I thanked most people in person but I want to thank my trainer again. Paweł Lasota – you're The Best!

Paweł Lasota

The way I see it as a trainer, Paweł was really well-prepared but... it's hardly ever enough at World Championships. It was his debut in seniors at a serious event and the names on the starting lists were really respected in the armwrestling world. I'm most proud that Paweł took it all very well mentally.

Because, imagine: you let gold slip away from you in junior even though you thought you woulf win. Your senior debut is scheduled for the following day and you lose your first duel. I think it would be hard for anyone to withstand this mentally!

And yet there he was, an 18-year-old, going there and fighting as if he was defending his own life. Paweł riled himself up with each victory. He won four in a row and got into the finals. He won not only with his muscles but also his head. It's an amazing feeling (for me as well, as his trainer), when your hard work pays off. I'm very proud of his starts, both in seniors and the other categories. After all, it's not that easy to stay focused and do well for four days straight.

Paweł was (probably) the only ahtlete who brought 5 medals home from this event.

Both Gentlemen deserve respect for their hard work. Thank you! Congratulations! See you soon!

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