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Championships in Malaysia # Armwrestling #

Everyone is back. Some won, others defeated. Rookies and champions. It was a trip of a lifetime for everyone. We would like to thank the hosts for the welcome, organization and atmosphere. It's time for the hosts to evaluate the Championship. ()

Harith Nazmi, secretary Malaysia Armwrestling Federation - MYARM

Through the eyes of an organizer:

“The event itself was great. Through the eyes of an organizer, everything went smoothly and the teams, athletes, technical crews, referees were all truly professional with their work. It’s great to hear feedbacks from everyone and so far it has been a positive review for us. In summary, everything went exactly as planned and there is no such hiccups experienced by both technical side and competitors’ side.”


There was of course a lot of emotions involved as armwrestling is primarily a very competitive sport where two individuals armwrestle each other to find out which one is stronger but aside from that, the emotions were all over the place, you could hear everyone cheering for their teammates and guiding them throughout their categories. Some even cried after a teammate wins a medal and some were motivating their teammates who lost so you could feel the positive and motivating energy all over the venue.

For me, unforgettable moments are definitely when I could hear my national anthem being played as my fellow Malaysian athletes won the gold medal for their category. It was an indescribable emotion.

Home team

The home team (Malaysia) prepared quite well for this competition, and we did expect great results from our athletes. We did really well on our first and second day as we were able to bag several gold medals and also the majority of our silver and bronze medal through the efforts of our junior and youth pullers. I honestly believe that they had become a motivating factor for the seniors and thus we were proud of their accomplishments.

Daily Express Malaysia

KOTA KINABALU: Four Sabahan armwrestlers were crowned world champions after capturing gold medals at the IFA World Armwrestling Championship 2023 which was held at the Bukit Jalil Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur over the weekend. Former champion Joffey Jolly was the only senior winner in the male right hand -70kg category, having first won it in 2019. The other gold medallists are juniors Wayner Weew Oliver (Under-18 right hand –63kg), Junior Daniel Marcus (Under-15 right hand -70kg) and Nathanael Evander Sooyon (Under-15 left hand 70kg).

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