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Daniel Axworthy – World Champion and his passions! In the Senior Grand Masters won two gold medals in Malaysia, for the left and right hand in the 70 kg category. ()

Anyone who was at the IFA World Championships in Malaysia saw, heard and knows. If you haven't been there, go to the profile  or website and listen. I can't describe it better. What profession is the most popular among armwrestlers? Driver? Blacksmith? Everything associated with great hand strength. But not always! 

There are exceptions!

PeSzy: What came 1st in your life ARM or music? How did you start at ARM and in music?

Daniel Axworthy: Undoubtedly Armwrestling came into my life first. I was born into a family of five older brothers in Liverpool, England. My Dad of Irish decent being brought up on a farm in Limerick, Ireland, he was very strength minded and would regularly compete with my older brothers at Armwrestling.

I was 13 years old when I beat the strongest of my brothers, Patrick.

Just before this I had seen a picture of a violin and was fascinated by it.

I would have just been happy to hold a violin but I was given the opportunity through school and private lessons from Simon Kurnoff of the BBC Symphony Orchestra who I continued with for many years.

PeSzy: Where are you from?

Daniel: I was born in Liverpool, England and these passions definitely came together due to my Fathers interest in feats of strength and Irish fiddle music.

PeSzy:  Have you ever had to choose – a violin or a table?

Daniel: On many occasions I've had to make difficult decisions. I feel so passionate about both deciplines.

A perfect example would be this year alone. To attend the IFA words in Malaisia I was unable to perform at a prestigious event at St. Georges Hall, Liverpool Welcome to St George's Hall - Liverpool's landmark venue ( with L’Orchestra dell’Arte. Plus a handful of gigs with various bands.

The other side of the coin, I was unable to compete in a PAA Armwrestling NEWS Professional Armwrestling Association event as I was cast as a violinist in the upcoming movie Midas Man Midas Man – IMDb.

However, these two opposite worlds came together for the first time ever at the IFA World Armwrestling Championships in Malaysia when I was invited to perform the Malaysian national anthem for the Government officials attending the event. This was such an honour and a highlight of both my violinistic and Armwrestling careers.

Daniel and Isabella 

My life...

My life centres around my family in the beautiful village of Frodsham in Cheshire, England. My wife (Lyndsey) and my daughter (Charlotte) have accompanied me to two world arm wrestling championships giving their support plus my eldest son's (Luke) supported in past events. I have always been an advocate of perusing any interests that one has as a child, it’s all about making adjustments to cater for your personal goals and aspirations. I currently train in my home town with a small group of arm wrestlers and I also occasionally train with Craig Sanders at the Birmingham Bullets. 

PeSzy: Are you better at music or sports?

Daniel: I may be a great violinist but still feel that I have a lot to learn in this field but I definitely have a hell of a lot to learn in the field of Armwrestling and I don't intend to stop anytime soon!!


Northern Ireland Armwrestling Team Captain Stanley Hamilton about Daniel:

Defending IFA Senior Grand Master World Champion on Left and Right (-70kg) Daniel Axworthy has been Arm Wrestling for 35 years. His first competition was the Over the Top qualifier in 1988. He has also been on the Podium multiple times in the British Pro Championships. Daniel has competed in Turkey, Switzerland, France and South Africa. Dans advice for beginners would be to keep going. Everyone starts as a beginner but it’s the guys that keep going who become Champions.

Arm Wrestlers come from all walks of life and Daniel’s occupation is a Violinist. Arguably the strongest Arm-Wrestling Violinist on the planet.

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