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Mother and daughter, common passion! >>>

Mother and daughter, common passion! # Armwrestling #

In my head, I'm still in Rymanow. A dozen or so of the fights surprised me, a few competitors impressed me, there's a lot of great memories to mull over. I wrote about Patryk and Pawel's fights, I wrote about Bogdana and Paulina. Who else? Well, there was a common surname among two female armwrestlers. Julia and Anna Tarasek. ()

We all know Julia as the medalist of many prestigious events but Anna was a first-timer there. It turns out that Mrs Anna is Julia's mom and was convinced to try armwrestling by her daughter. Honestly, I was not surprised when I found out because Julia got into the sport so intensely that it had to rub off on the entire family. Who knows, maybe we will get to see her dad at the table one day as well?

Anyway, the most popular form of passing down sports passion is from father to son, though sometimes it also happens the other way round. You all know Wiesiek Podgorski and his son, Mariusz. Wiesiek started armwrestling when Mariusz wasn't even a plan yet. He wrestled, graduated AWF and kept winning amateur duels in armwrestling, however, it was the younger Podgorski who picked up professional armwrestling first and got Wiesiek into it for real.

It's my first time witnessing the sports passion being passed from daughter to mother. And, as I said before, it doesn't surprise me at all.

There is one more passion in this family that impresses me a lot as well. They serve in the Volunteer Fire Department.

They have been active in Poland probably since the middle ages. They served under occupation as well.

Then, in the very first years of Poland's independence, they formed into Glowny Zwiazek Strazy Pozarnych Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej (The Main Firefighting Union of the Republic of Poland – trans.).

They prevent fires, conduct workshops, take part in rescues. They promote and do sports... That's right! They do sports and compete to keep their mental and physical condition intact. If you just look, you can get a lot of information.

I try to show you the armwrestling world as widely as I can here, on How diverse it is, how many interesting people armwrestle, how many unconventional occupations there are, how many heroes. I wrote about the Violin Master who is also an Armwrestling Master, remember? We also have a trasure hunter, you know who I'm talking about... We have a few scientists, a few soldiers, lawyers.

Mrs Anna is the Chief of the Voluntary Fire Department Ciezkowice in Jaworzno, her husband is the president and Julia is preparing for the basic courses and is currently taking trainings for the supervisor of Mlodziezowa Druzyna Pozarnicza (Youth Firefighting Team – trans.) Ciezkowice in Jaworzno.

We know them, we meet them, we wait for their help when bad things happen. They save lives, properties and health of citizens. They risk their own to do so. I truly admire firefighters!

I'm really glad to know there are people like Mrs Anna and Julia in our armwrestling family. There's still some time left until the 4th of May but let's all remember that it's the International Firefighters' Day.

All the best for Mrs Anna and Julka!

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