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Kamil Jabłoński: Mission complete! >>>

Kamil Jabłoński: Mission complete! # Armwrestling #

The first of the two fights in America was won 3-0 by Kamil in... eleven rounds. How is that possible?  ()

PeSzy: Congratulations. Tell us all about it, Kamil!

Kamil Jabłoński: The preparations went perfectly. I trained with big weights but I didn't injure myself, luckily. I gave myself two weeks of rest, did some physical therapy because my forearms and triceps had some tension in them. I regenerated and relaxed. You can see the fight here, enjoy!

PeSzy: How was your trip?

Kamil: Everything went smoothly, all planes arrived on time.

PeSzy: What about your mentality?

Kamil: I couldn't lose! I couldn't imagine losing, I had to come here to win. My confidence paralyzed my rival. Kody was terrified! I tried to fight with my head and control the situation. I couldn't risk injuries. I'm fighting Larratt soon.

PeSzy: We'll talk about Larratt later. You had some crazy rules over there. What were they?

Kamil: We did eleven rounds! We agreed to fight until 3 wins. We had to pin the opponent down, though. Kody used this to his advantage and moved his elbow everytime he felt like he was losing.

My plan was ruined. I planned to fight three rounds and ended up doing 11.

PeSzy: Did you get tired? 

Kamil: Yes, very. My legs were cramping and my hand was dying from all the slipouts and rips.

PeSzy: Was it worth it, though?

Kamil: Of course! Mission complete, 3-0 with Kody Merritt with my left arm. After all, he's a WAF World Champion (2021) and he won with many amazing armwrestlers. He's definitely in the top10 best armwrestlers (left arm).

It's a big step for me. Thank you to all od my supporters!

PeSzy: Thank you for the interview and we're waiting for more news from you.

Kody Merritt:

I want to first thank The High Five Arm Wrestling for having me at Knuckles Up 2. It was an amazing event where we as athletes were treated so well. Also, I want to give a shout out to Kamil Jablonski for allowing me the opportunity to pull him. He is incredibly strong and even a better person. He had more then I can handle and I wish him the best of luck moving forward in his career.

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