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NEW CATEGORY: "ADRIAN 105 KG"  # Armwrestling #

I've never seen anything like this before. Three seniors sharing the same name, all three of them on the podium. First place: Adrian, second: Adrian. Third... You guessed it: Adrian. Has it ever happened before? ()

I'm analysing the recent IFA European Championships in Jaworzno, Poland. You can check the results in the "results" tab, the videos are on so I recommend watching. I would also like to remind you about the upcoming International Międzychód Championships where you'll be able to fight for the Mayor's Cup. Then there's also the Senec tournament, July 12-14, here's a link for you. Marian Capla invited everyone to the special Team Tournament. More details can be found on his profile. It looks like there's a big show coming our way!

Now, let's talk about a category that's a first for us. If your name is not Adrian, you have nothing to win here! Unless it's your left arm. For the left, there was only one Adrian who won with seven different competitors.

The right arm, however, was pretty funny. The top place was taken by IFA INDIVIDUAL ADRIAN O'DWYER; The second spot went to Adrian Zgórzyński from Poland (who secured the gold medal the previous night). The third, of course, another Adrian - this time, it was Adrian Cirocki from Poland. There were seven others behind them who had no chance at winning. Because their names were not Adrian. 

Who are The Adrians?

Golden Adrian:

Adrian O'DWYER started as an IFA INDIVIDUAL, because his country (Ireland) doesn't have a federation belonging to IFA.

He likes the way IFA works with no bans and obligations, and that he can just armwrestle in peace. Adrian participated in the 2004 Olympics in Athens in high jump. He has multiple Ireland Champion titles, his PB is 2.30 m. He comes from an incredibly athletic family. His mom, who comes from GDR (German Democratic Republic), was a horse rider and his father represented Ireland in Judo. He now has is own club and is a personal trainer. In 2023, at the World Championships in Malaysia, he secured the silver in left, and gold in right in 105 kg.

Silver Adrian (Zgórzyński):

Oh, the emotions! The day was full of happy tears, adrenaline, laughter... Full mix. But we did it! Because of an injury, I had a year-long break from wrestling with my right arm. No sparrings, no hard training but we still got it! Truly amazing. I recommend reading the interview that the Tytan Jaworzno member gave us a year ago.

Bronze Adrian (Cirocki)

I called him a "Notorious Winner" at the Hel tournament because in 2023 he set the record of this event: he won the prestigious Open category three times in a row.

By the way, I also invite all of you to come to HEL, more info in the callendar.

Dear Adrians!

A moment of rest and I hope you will snatch the podium at the upcoming World Championships in Greece. The order doesn't matter as long as it's an Adrian.

All the best!


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