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SCAM ALLERT! # Armwrestling #

Dear friends of Armwrestling. This is a warning to avoid loosing Your money. ()

There is a profile here on facebook who pretend to be the official profile of the events that we do. They pretend that they stream the events live. DO NOT USE THE LINKS that they share. It's a SCAM and they just want to get Your credit card details to charge You money.

They are not streaming any videos - just taking money.

The only one platform for IFA armwrestling events or events streamed by me (Marcin Mielniczuk) is the or the facebook pages. We don't use other platforms and we do not ask You to pay anything so far.

I know that few of You already paid for the streaming to them and You lost Your money. Don't do that anymore.

The cheater profile is

Please - report them as fraud/financial data request. Let's remove the cheater from our Armwrestling family.

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