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Peter is The Best! # Armwrestling #

I always try to be objective. My personal sympathy for an athlete does not matter. Even when it comes to Poles, many of whom I simply like and respect very much. This applies even more to representatives of other countries. ()

The above does NOT apply to a certain athlete from Slovakia. I must admit that I like him very much and I'm happy when he wins.

That's why I like him:

However, to be sure and to stay objective, I asked Marian Capla. Who was the hero of the Slovak team at these Championships? Who and why?

Marian Capla:

For sure, it was Peter Ceco Racek. He finally achieved what he deserved for a long time. After 26 years in armwrestling, he won gold, and not just one but two. I wished him this victory for a long time. He is a true sportsman, working hard for his own success but also for the others, he has been teaching the younger generation for years.


Which team, apart from Slovak, did you like the most?

Marian Capla: I was surprised by the quality of the Bulgarian and Azerbaijan teams. I cannot just mention one name, those teams increased the level of Euroarm very much.

Senec Hand is approaching. Say a few words as the organizer.

Marian Capla:

This year it's the 31st anniversary of Senec hand, which is actually the IFA World Cup and the oldest tournament in Europe (and maybe in the World too, but I am not sure. I do not know, however, another tournament that has been running continuously for such a long time.) After last year's success, we are continuing with the TEAM event this year too. We extended the event to two days so that everybody can enjoy high-quality armwrestling.


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