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Dmitry Trubin: "You will see what I can oppose to Dave" >>>

Dmitry Trubin: "You will see what I can oppose to Dave" # Armwrestling #

Looking at the photo of Dmitry Trubin in social networks, we can conclude that he is already in good shape. Especially striking is his progress in muscle mass. And in general there is a feeling that he is already ready to fight with Dave. ()

Dmitry, what do you know about your rival on Vendetta? How can you describe it?

- My opponent will be Dave Chaffey from the United States. Dave is a very strong and skilled puller, one of the strongest tops in the world of armwrestling. I know about him that his basic style of fighting is a hook, although he can compete in toproll. But I think that against me he will not fight toprolling, since the it is my main technique.

Have you already started training? What will you focus on? With what weight are you going to go the fight?

– I've already begun preparations for the Zloty Tur and for Vendetta. But before that I will pull at the Asian Cup, which will be held in late October in Kazakhstan. After that I will continue my training. To Vendetta I'm going to come up with a weight of about 140 kg, if the weight is more, then I will lose to around 140 kg. In my training, I focus on pulling in toproll and on pronation movement.

But apart from that, I give time to other aspects of the struggle.

Do you study your opponent? Analyzing his fights?

- Yes, I'm already studying Dave's fighting style and have already made certain conclusions. Based on these findings, I will build my tactical plan for our fight. I will adjust the technique of their attacking and defensive movements. I also noticed in what angles I need to add to pull good.

How do you think, how would your fight be? What can you oppose to Dave?

- I think that our fight will be tough and strong, in every round there will be a real war. He will try to twist me, and I will need to prevent him from doing it. Who will impose his style, he will dominate in the fight. When our fight begins, you will see what I can counter Dave. At the table I will try to show everything I can.

Will you fight at the tournament?

- I was planning to take part in the Zloty Tur. But everything will be decided on the spot, I will look at the situation.

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