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Who could it be? # Armwrestling #

It's no secret that Vendetta in Vegas, as Zloty Tour, is a competition of the highest level of training - both organizational and by the athletes. ()

Therefore, everyone tries to squeeze out a maximum of themselves for these competitions. But apparently, even the level of Vendetta may not always be of interest to some athletes, or unable to meet their needs. Or athletes really feel not so good as to perform there, as spectators are waiting for shows, and health does not always allow them to jump over their head.

So, there are several athletes who could participate in the Vendetta, but alas...

A few months ago Devon Larratt challenged Denis Tsyplenkov. The world of armwrestling was stirred up, because after tough WAL contracts, we could see a lot. Naturally, we couldn’t miss this chance, we offered a fight to Denis with Larratt...

I must say again that the organization of competitions is completely unprofitable.

But on every Vendetta we try to provide the athletes with the most favorable conditions for participation. And now, this time our ideas about fees are not agreed. Denis was satisfied with the amount, but if I paid Devon as much as he wanted, it would be half of the total budget for awards... - Igor Mazurenko shares.

- A couple for Rustam Babaev was selected for a long time. Initially it was supposed to be Ermes Gasparini, but he had a problem with the wrist. Then, Sasho Andreev - it's a matter of state support, which the athlete would not have received if he fought in armfight. Khadzhimurat Zoloyev is injured. And each candidate was more interesting than the other!

But it pleases that those athletes who can not compete in armfights can participate in the Zloty Tur, where, in the absence of the main contenders for the victory, the results may turn out to be quite unexpected.

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