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Dave Chaffee: “This match will be a war” >>>

Dave Chaffee: “This match will be a war” # Armwrestling #

No emotions, only pure strength and tactics – this should be an armfight between two giants – Dave Chaffee and Dmitry Trubin. What does Dave prepare for it? ()

How do you like such type of tournaments like armfights? You already know your opponent in Vendetta, what do you know about him?

– This will be my first Vendetta Armfight. I have had many Supermatches in my career but those are usually best 3 out of 5 for the win. The Vendetta being 6 matches is a lot more grueling. My opponent for the Vendetta is Dmitry Trubin. What do I know about him? I know he is a 6'3 315 lb monster. He is ranked number 2 in the world in the current rankings and I am number 4. I hope to change that come November 19th. I can characterize Dmitry as an amazing competitor. He is very versatile and well rounded. He has a very strong top roll and can also hook and press when he has to. He also has amazing endurance. He is
a class act on the table and I have a ton of respect for him.

Have you already started preparing for the fight?

– I was preparing for Dmitry long before this match was announced. I kind of anticipated pulling him so I wanted to be as prepared as possible. You can never be too ready for this match. I will come in as pretty much the same weight I have for the past 4 years since I have stayed in the super heavyweight category. I'll be around 270-275 lbs (123-125 kg).

Will you study the fights of your opponent while preparing and analyze his style?

– Yes, I already have studied my opponent. I've watched numerous matches of him. Over and over again. That is part of my training. I visualize myself in my matches against Dmitry. How I'm going to start, in certain positions and how the match will end in my mind. Then I have my training partners help me with his technique. Also working on my endurance for this fight. I will get advice from some of the very best in the armwrestling world as well. This fight will be very difficult. Dmitry is one of the best in the world and he has wins over the very best. He will be 40 lbs heavier than me and is a lot younger. So on paper I would seem to be the underdog, which I like being. Just like I was in 2013 when I came over and pulled Denis. I am going to leave everything I have on the table. I think this match will be a war.

Can you share your plan for a duel?

– You will see my plan when the match takes place. I can't divulge any of my table secrets. I do plan on eating a lot of Pierogis when I get to Poland. And I have already found a Pizza place so I will be fueled with my favorite foods and Dmitry will be in big trouble :)

Do you plan to participate in the Zloty Tur?

– I do not plan on pulling the Zloty tournament. I will need all the energy possible to compete against Dmitry.


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