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Daniel Procopciuc: "I bet on the Europeans" >>>

Daniel Procopciuc: "I bet on the Europeans" # Armwrestling #

Express interview about the preparation for the Zloty Tur of the world champion-2017 Daniel Procopciuc. ()

Daniel, how is your preparation for Zloty Tur?

- Immediately after the World Championship we decided to adapt the training process in order to be in the best shape on the Zloty Tur. For two weeks I'm doing only specific exercises, with almost maximum weights, I feel great. In a week I will begin to sparring, gradually I will replace with it some workouts with iron. I plan a week-long rest directly to the Cup.

What results do you expect?

- This is a trap-question for me :) I expect on a better result than last year, when I became the second on the left and the fifth on the right hand.

Who do you consider the most difficult opponent?

– Depending on who is coming. On the right favorite Arthur Makarov, on the left at least six equally dangerous athletes: Engin Terzi, Hristo Delidzhakov, Zair Ahmedov, Emil Amirshadyan, Valentin Gospodinov, Mindaugas Taraitisitis. From all this company, Mindaugas seems to me now in the best form.

A few words about Vendetta:

- I'm glad that in addition to that I will pull, there will be an opportunity to watch Vendetta's supershow. The selected pairs are very balanced. But bearing in mind that the struggle will take place in Poland, I think even the adaptation factor will play a role in the outcome of the fights, so I bet on Europeans: Bartosiewicz, Babaev, Kvikvinia, Pushkar and Kazakh Trubin.

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