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As Michael Todd assures us, he has the hardest preparation for the upcoming Vendetta with Andrey Pushkar. What is he going to oppose Pushkar? ()

Michael, you already know your opponent in Vendetta, what are you waiting for from Andrey Pushkar?

– I expect Andrey to be very well prepared & in his best shape! He is the overall #1 in the World for a reason!

Have you already started preparing for the fight? What will you focus on?

– Yes, my training has been going on since a couple weeks after WAL finals. We took a week off for vacation, but now I'm training harder than ever!  

My focus is being as strong as possible, but also increasing my endurance! This morning I was 298.8lb (135.

8kg) and my nutrition is clean through the week, with cheat meals in the weekend. I expect to be around 310lbs (141kg) the day of competition!

Do you think it will be difficult fight?

– I believe this will be the hardest match of my career! Other than my strength, my heart and desire to win will be my biggest weapon!!

Can you share your plan for a duel?

– When the referee says go, DON'T GET PINNED!!

Do you plan to participate in the Zloty Tur tournament?

– I will not be competing in the tournament, my left arm has had a few injuries this year and I'm saving my right for Andrey!!

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