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Todd Hutchings: "You’ll get the best Toddzilla I can deliver" >>>

Todd Hutchings: "You’ll get the best Toddzilla I can deliver" # Armwrestling #

Todd Hutchings was not the first, who picked as a rival for Rustam Babayev. But he definitely won't miss a chance to make a show and a great fight! ()

- When you were offered to pull with Rustam Babaev in armfight, did you think long?

Not too long, it is a great opportunity but it conflicted with some previously made plans of sitting on a couch and being fat and lazy.

This is a great honor for me.

I’ve been lucky to pull the Zoloev brothers. I’ve been privileged to pull the Tokarev brothers. Hopefully after my battle with Rustam, I get a chance to battle with… Sniezhana.

 - What do you know about your opponent? What is your opinion of him as an athlete?

 I am very familiar with Rustam Babayev. I think he is one of the greatest middle weights ever.  He beat me pretty bad a couple of times in 2005. That was a long time ago, and Mr. Babayev is 12 years older now, basically an old man, slowing down and talking about the Good Old Days. Me. I’m still fresh as a daisy.

 - What are the strengths of Rustam?

If you have to ask you haven’t seen him pull. I created a Rustam Babayev playlist on YouTube to watch during training. He is a lot of fun to watch, very explosive and powerful. It requires slow motion video to truly appreciate all of Rustam’s talents. There are several videos of him beating men who have beaten me.

- What is your advantage over him? How can you win this fight?

The audience loves me.

I’m also older, oh, you wanted advantages?  I have old man muscles.

- How much time do you need for preparation? Do you think you’ll do your best?

I typically spend 3-4 months to train for a specific event, so the 2 months I was given for this event is a little short just for the honor of being the first choice to challenge Rustam.

What? I’m not the first choice? Second choice is still pretty good.

What? Not second choice either? Well, third choice isn’t too bad, I suppose.

No? not third choice either? What? Did you guys got tired of trying to dig up bodies from the cemetery and had to settle for me?

You’ll get the best Toddzilla I can deliver.

- You are very successful in armfights, share your secret, please?

I’ve been very blessed and lucky in previous armfights, often I was underestimated. I don’t get underestimated too much anymore, so I’ll have to be better than in the past.

– What about the other Vendetta pairs? Can you give some predictions?

Ugh, I’m horrible at this.

I don’t bet against Michael Todd (I learned the hard way), I won’t bet against Eduardo Tiete.

I like Chaffee in all his fights, but this new Trubin is bigger and very crafty. I still pick Dave.

I’d like to bet on Babayev, but that is just inviting disaster.

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