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Mihaela Lazar: "I'm sure there will not be weak on the Zloty Tur" >>>

Mihaela Lazar: "I'm sure there will not be weak on the Zloty Tur" # Armwrestling #

A young armwrestler from Moldova Mihaela Lazar will make her debut on the Zloty Tur this year. How does the sportsman evaluate her preparation for the cup? ()

Tell us, please, a little about yourself.

- My name is Mihaela Lazar, I'm 20 years old, I'm a student of two universities: the Faculty of Law of the International Independent University of Moldova, and the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports of the University "Dunărea de Jos" in Galati, Romania. I am 2 years Arm wrestling, Mihail Grumeza trains me. My best achievements: the absolute champion of Moldova on the left and on the right hand; Euroarm-2017 winner – silver on right and bronze on the left among the youth of 65 kg, also I have bronze of the world championship in the same category on the left hand.

Will you pull at the Zloty Tur? How is the preparation?

- This is the proposal - to pull among professionals - from the president of the national federation, which seeks to improve qualitatively our athletes, and he is sure that the necessary experience can be learned only by pulling at the championships of the highest level. I'm glad about this opportunity and I do my workouts very responsible, with full dedication. Now my training cycle consists of five trainings, stretched for 7 days (1 - top + back, 2 – general physique, 3 - rest, 4 - sparring, 5 - rest, 6 - hook, 7 - shoulders and side). In October we will change the scheme and add another day of sparring.

What results do you expect?

- Bearing in mind that for me this is the debut championship, and I will fight with very strong and very experienced rivals, I will be happy with every victory.

Who do you consider the most difficult opponent?

I'm sure there will not be any weak. But last year's medalists - Marlena Wawrziniak, Ekaterina Lyakhova, Elena Kulpina - are the most dangerous.

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