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Claudio Rizza: “Supermatch develops!” >>>

Claudio Rizza: “Supermatch develops!” # Armwrestling #

We expect for an outstanding event this spring – XIII Supermatch in Italy. What so special will we see this time? Claudio Rizza, the Presdent of Italian Armwrestling Federation tells us. ()

Claudio, you hold Supermatch at 13th time. What so special will be at the event this year?

– The strongest point of this Super Match is the awesome organization and the new location. Villa Fenaroli is a very luxury location ready to receive a big number of athletes and fans. Moreover, for the first time ever this Supermatch will have category for disabled sportsmen.

How did you make pairs for Vendetta, which will take place during the Supermatch?

– We have chosen the Italian athletes from the top of rate chart. As for me these sportsmen did a real breakthrough in 2017.

What did you expect from this event? And from Italian pullers at Vendetta?

– From this Supermatch I expect a huge number of athletes from all Europe and all the high level. I believe that Italian best athletes like Frank Lamparelli, Davide Cappa, Ermes Gasparini and Thomas Manghi can all aspires to victory.

Regarding Vendetta, I prefer will not make a prediction. I know very well how strong are all the opponents of my athletes. Anyway, the trust I have for them give me the assurance of they will fight to prove himself.

Will Ermes Gasparini pull at the Supermatch? Why he didn’t pull at Vendetta?

– Unfortunately, Ermes is injured, he has a problem with right wrist, he will must undergo surgery but he will do him best to compete with left arm.


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