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Sagris Stepanyan: “I can still do a lot!” >>>

Sagris Stepanyan: “I can still do a lot!” # Armwrestling #

We are sure that every participant of the Professional World Cup and a Disabled World Cup pay attention to the armwrestler from Armenia Sargis Stepanyan and admired the strength of this athlete. ()

A soldier defending the border of his country returns to save a friend, but gets on the mine and receives serious injuries. Sargis Stepanyan becomes the National Hero of Armenia.

Anna Mazurenko: Is it difficult to be an example for others?

Sargis Stepanyan: No, by my example I want to prove that I'm not a superman. I am an ordinary man just like thousands of people around me who can repeat my achievements. It is only necessary to inspire their faith in themselves and their will to win.

Anna: Does the hero also have moments of weakness? What are you doing at such moments?

Sargis: I do not have moments of weakness. I always try to pull myself together, because I'm alive, because I still can do a lot. Just now it's a bit harder, I have to train a lot. I do everything with one hand - all household problems fall on this only hand.

It is already overloaded and it hurts all day, but I endure this pain. Physical pain is nothing against mental pain.

Anna: Once you said that those are strong who have strong people around. What kind of people are around you?

Sargis: First of all, next to me is my family, my parents and the whole Armenian people who inspire and support me. I’ve always tried to be an example for my sons.

Anna: What are your plans for this year?

Sargis: Now I'm in India, I'm going through a two-month prosthetics process. I will try to keep my physical form while away from my gym, coach and fellow-athletes who always train with me.

I dream to found a federation of athletes with disabilities. This will change lives of hundreds of people, bring them back to life and they will infect others by their achievements and give strength to thousands of other people.

Anna: Thank you for the great conversation!


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