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Italian Nationals # Armwrestling #

At the last weekend of April Italian Armwresling Federation held the National Armwrestling Championship. Claudio Rizza, Federation's President, shares his impressions. ()

Claudio, tell about the tournament, please. Where and when did the competition take place?

– The competition was held in Monsano (near Ancona, center of Italy) from 28 to 29 of April, 2018. We started on Saturday 28 with the disabled, amateur, junior and master categories (all left and right). We ended on Sunday 29 with senior (left and right) and open categories.

How many athletes, teams and regions participated?

– 158 athletes coming from all Italy, all regions were represented. Around 15 teams were present (just to say some: Tyrsenoi, Team Campania, Team Tommaselli, Over Mas, Serenissima Armwrestling, Eurobody, Romagna Armwrestling, Team Marche ect).

What was the most interesting fight?

– There was some interested fights in every weight categories, included amateurs! This year the level was very high. Anyway three matches are absolutely marked in my mind: Sircana vs Nimis, Sircana vs Lutai and Lutai vs Nimis. Three real wars!

The surprise (even if it is a confirmation) is Adrian Lutai. At the moment is one of the top Italian competitor.

I want mention also Tomas Manghi, a 60 kg athlete, which during open category wins against the heavyweight competitors, unbelievable!

Last, but not least, was a great competitions also for Vladaj Alexander and Michelangeletti Diego.

And no one have disappointed, I'm really proud of all my athletes!

Will the national team take part at Europeans?

– Yes, with a small delegation, but I can not confirm the athlete's names yet.

What about disabled classes?

– The disabled categories (left and right) were the main opening on Saturday 28.

The results are:


1° Capriotti Filippo

2° Dorel Ungurean

3° Corrado Michele



1° Corrado Michele

2° Carbone Giancarlo

3° Dorel Ungurean

4° Capriotti Filippo

All the athletes were very strong and well prepareted.

For Carbone Giancarlo (the lightest competitor of all the tournament) was the first competition. He was really excited but he did anyway a fantastic results taking the podium with the left arm. For Dorel Ungurean was the second competition this year and he confirm his strength taking the podium with both hands.

Super results also for Corrado Michele and Capriotti Filippo.

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