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Georgian Princess Marine Futkaradze # Armwrestling #

After Europeans-2013 Georgian armwrestler Marine Futkaradze is well-known. She pulls with pasion and very wisely. Marine tells about her story in sports. ()

I started armwrestling in 2008. Then I lived in the Batumi Orphan Children Asylum where the President of Armwrestling Federation of Ajara Gocha Shavadze arrived one day. He was looking for children with the talents for professional sports. He asked the director to help him to find the strongest child. So I passed the testing and he noticed the strength of my hand. He took me to the university to my future coach Temur Lipartashvili. Timur also tested me and said that I will be able to achieve significant success within the next year.

I immediately fell in love with armwrestling because I got it right away and was winning a lot from the start. My life has changed for the better. My coach played a huge role in my development as a professional armwrestler. He helped me find my way, he's like a father to me.

I struggle in different styles and to me the choice of style depends on the situation during the match. Today I am trained by Temuri Lipartashvili and he is a great coach. He is my guru.

For those who just came to arm wrestling, I would recommend only one thing - to train as hard as possible. Only perseverance in training can attract luck and victory. Personally, I train for 4 hours a day.

Armwrestling is my life. I am the only woman in Georgian National Para -team. I do everything possible to be ready for competitions. I compete in 2 classes: a class for the disabled and a regular senior class. I can not say that it's easier to pull in one of them, because strength and concentration are needed everywhere.

Georgian national team is very lucky to have Temur Lipartashvili as a coach. He is a very hard-working and dedicated person. Thanks to him, all our trainings are very intensive and the level of motivation of our athletes is very high.


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