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Devon Larratt: not just a showmaker >>>

Devon Larratt: not just a showmaker # Armwrestling #

Devon Larratt is one of the few unique "thinking" arm wrestlers in the world. ()

He adjusts to any opponent, and, like a boa, literally swallows his victim. The style of his struggle is diverse - he can show his pronator work and pull "bone to bone", he can withstand any protracted duel, and sometimes it seems that this guy does not get tired at all. Moreover, Devon possesses outstanding endurance indicators. Once we saw a sensational movie where he shown his static-dynamic lifting of a dumbbell on a hook - 81 kg with one hand!

In the career of the Canadian there were victories and defeats, because no one is ever insured. But do not be deceived by the fact that Devon equally pulls with rivals, who are very different in their strength.

In addition to the unique talent for armwrestling, Larratt also has the talent for creating a show in the good sense of the word.

He clearly knows how to work for the public, he does not use trash-talking, like some, does not make a bad guy out of himself, but, nevertheless - the audience loves Devon, because every match is truly a spectacle. The opponent is much weaker? It does not matter, the Canadian will launch it in a position convenient for the opponent and show you a beautiful fight, which is called "from scratch". And if the opponent is stronger? And then there will still be a show - Larratt will try to exhaust, he’ll use his incredible endurance, and any chance to make a real battle and win.

In general, my friends, I'm sure - who would not have come out as the winner in the confrontation between Larratt and Tsyplenkov, one thing I'm sure is 100% - it will be a very cool duel and an unforgettable sight!

Igor Mazurenko

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