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Mazurenko Challenge 2: Oleg Zhokh and Andrei Pushkar keep setting new records! >>>

Mazurenko Challenge 2: Oleg Zhokh and Andrei Pushkar keep setting new records!  # Armwrestling #

The other day, Igor Mazurenko stopped by Andrei Pushkar and Oleg Zhokh to check how the strength indicators of both athletes have changed since his last visit. Three months ago, the two world’s top armwrestlers tested the strength of their back pressure on the fingers and the brachial muscle. While Armbets TV is preparing a special video report about a new Mazurenko challenge for the future participants of the November Vendetta All Stars # 50, we learned some interesting details. ()

During the first test, which took place in May and which has been featured in the Armbets News program on Youtube, Oleg Zhokh outstripped Andrei Pushkar on power indicators.

This time, in the sports club "Coliseum", in the city of Ternopil, Ukraine,  a lot of titled spectators gathered to personally witness the athletes’ level of preparation for the main event of the year in professional arm wrestling. Among them were famous Ukrainian armwrestler and blogger Ilya Izman, world champions Anton Kolyazin and Oleg Petrenko (Andrey Pushkar’s student), master of sports in arm-wrestling Vladislav Mostovoi, multiple silver medalist of the “Zloty Tur” Professional World Cup Vadim Stetsyuk and special guest - Oleg Krivyi, an Absolute European Champion in bodybuilding and the winner of the Arnold Classic in 2016 and 2017 in his weight category.

In a word, the star elite of the Ukrainian armwrestling and bodybuilding gathered at “Coliseum” that day.

Oleg and Andrey started to warm up with a 40 kg weight. When the athletes reached 80 kilograms, a discussion arose about the correctness of the exercise execution. Athletes and spectators began to discuss how to pull right. Igor Mazurenko made a remark to Andrei and Oleg, because, in his opinion, they pulled slightly to the side. In response to the remark, Oleg Zhokh noticed that Denis Tsyplenkov also pulled aside during his challenge, and did the exercise "not quite clean" as well. Oleg added, that  if Denis would pull correctly, he would hardly have pulled such a weight. All present supported Oleg's criticism of Denis Tsyplenkov.

To determine the real weight of the exercise, the coefficient was set for the machine on which the test was conducted using a counterweight. The weight indicated on the crossover had to be divided by 1.82.

Andrei Pushkar broke his record and pulled on his fingers 63 kg. Thus, he broke the record of Levan Saginashvili, who pulled 60 kg on fingers with an eccentric handle.

An interesting fact is that Oleg Zhokh’s non-standard form of the palm did not give him the opportunity to grip the eccentric handle in order to pull more then just 15 kg on fingers of his left hand. With his right hand he managed to raise about 40 kg.

In a back pressure on the brachium muscle, Oleg planned to pull 140 kg (in weight of the crossover), but he managed to pull 170 kg. That is, if we translate this result into real weight, then he raised 93.5 kg instead of the planned 77 kg. This weight became a new record.

Ilya Izman, commenting on what happened, said that about 20 kg before the record weight, Oleg performed the exercise flawlessly. That is, he broke the record even when the weight did not force him to deviate from the correct performance of the exercise. Denis Tsyplenkov’s maximum was 85 kg of real weight and by this point his technique was already “not clean”. For comparison, Levan Saginashvili stopped at 65 kg and Genadi Kvikviniya bypassed him. But everyone who saw the video of Levan and Genadi, say that Genadi, like Oleg, at the end of the exercise was not entirely correct.

Levan was the only one who did this exercise technically right till the end. 

See more details from the second test of the world's strongest arm wrestlers in the new Armbets TV program, which is now being prepared for release.

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