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Shardara Armwrestling Academy - Kazakhstan  # Armwrestling #

When you see representatives of the Shardara club from Kazakhstan on the podium of the World Championship in Turkey this year, remember that success does not come overnight and is unreachable without adequate conditions, which Shardara guys and girls have from the early years. When other juniors only start training at the age of 13-14, Kazakhstan children already have about seven years of training behind. ()

When I decided to visit a small town of Shardara in the south of Kazakhstan, I had no idea that I would find there an arm-wrestling club of such a level of organization. 

Namely, in a new club area of ​​about 1000 square meters there I saw about 60 trainees and 10 coaches.

From conversation with Arman Carsibayev, club president, I realized that in the club there were 30 professional coaches who train more than 500 armwrestlers: mostly children 7-15 years old.

One of the reasons for such a large number of young athletes in the club is that armwrestling is an optional subject at school and, if they choose it, they must come to training regularly. Of course, there were also world champions, of whom Shardara gave twenty-three. 

I saw that ideal combination of superb conditions and equipment in the gym, in which athletes should only listen to the coaches and train and the result will be guaranteed.

Aleksandar Jakovac, 

Vice President of European Armwrestling Federation

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