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Denis Tsyplenkov’s record is broken!! New episode of the "Science of Armwrestling”. >>>

Denis Tsyplenkov’s record is broken!! New episode of the "Science of Armwrestling”. # Armwrestling #

On the Armbets TV youtube channel, another episode of the "Science of Armwrestling" program has been released. Igor Mazurenko, who recently visited Denis Tsyplenkov and conducted his next challenge on the fingers strength and back pressure, this time met a person who is a sport legend as well, but not in armwrestling. As for now. ()

    During the test, Denis Tsyplenkov told Igor Mazurenko that he pulled with Kirill Sarychev and that he had a very strong wrist. This outstanding athlete is known to most fans of power sports throughout the world, but for those who may not have heard of Kirill, we will briefly tell about him.

Kirill Sarychev set a world record in bench press, pressing 326 kg in 2014. On November 22, 2015 Kirill Sarychev set a new absolute world record in the raw bench press - 335 kg. Before that the absolute record holder in this exercise was an American athlete Eric Spotto, who pressed 327.5 kg on May 19, 2013.

    After the conversation with Denis, Igor Mazurenko decided to discover how the results of the powerlifting celebrity in exercises on fingers and back pressure differ from the results of armwrestling champions.


    Igor recalled that recently many athletes from power sports are thinking about switching to arm wrestling, but despite the great power in bench press, squats and deadlifts, many powerlifters turned out to be far from successful performing specific exercises for arm wrestling.

   For Igor, who has many years of research in the field of physiology and biochemistry armwrestling behind, this difference was not a big surprise. But in the case of Kirill Sarychev, a two-meter giant and an absolute world record-holder, Igor yielded to scientific curiosity and invited Kirill to the gym.

The chances that the record holder will agree to the test were close to zero. But suddenly Kirill agreed.

What happened next, watch in the episode of the "Science of Armwrestling" series on  Armbets TV Youtube channel.


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