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Saginashvili-Bresnan: a simple fight? >>>

Saginashvili-Bresnan: a simple fight? # Armwrestling #

Let's talk about the upcoming armfight between Tim Bresnan and Levan Saginashvili. In this bout, Tim is the contender and Levan will represent the champions. ()

The outcome of the confrontation, at first glance, may seem unambiguous and obvious. Most viewers are inclined to believe that armfight with Tim Bresnan will be a easy walk for the big Levan. But not for the first time, Bresnan is considered an underdog, and each time Tim proves that it is rushly decided. But can Tim and this time surprise us with such a strong athlete like Levan?

Tim Bresnan has a lot of experience with Vendettas, and basically it is positive. He had a continuous series of victories on Vendetta. Bresnan was able to defeat such famous rivals as Evgeniy Prudnik, Dmitry Silaev and Alexey Voevoda. But in the last Vendetta Tim was out of luck, and he lost in two meetings in a row with Gennady Kvikvinia and Rustam Babayev. His victories were distinguished by the fact that they were confident and obtained by hard work in a protracted struggle, and the losses - on the contrary. Genadi managed to outwit Tim and found the key, and Rustam won all fights on fouls. We hope that Tim will work on the bugs, and if he succeeds in holding Levan's start, with good stamina Bresnan will be able to incline the fight to his side and surprise us.

As for Levan’s experience in Vendetta, so far it’s rather small. In 2017, Saginashvili won the title of Zloty Tur absolute champion, which allowed him to participate in the first and so far the only Vendetta against Dmitry Trubin, in which Levan won.

In a duel against Bresnan on the side of Levan his youth, size and strength. If we consider the duel with Trubin, Levan worked as the second number - he caught the start of Dmitry. Based on this, we can assume that the mass gain brought Levan great strength, but he may have lost in speed, which could be a good chance for Bresnan.

On the technical side, both athletes use toproll for their main tactics. In Bresnan's recent fight against Kvikvinia, Tim showed a high level of such a fight, easily controlling Genadi's hand. And since Levan often overlapped with Gennady and the result was the same, it can be judged that Tim Bresnan’s power level is approximately equal to Levan. But of course, everything depends on the level of training of the fighters in a given time period.

We wish good luck to both athletes, and we look forward to an armfight! You can learn more detailed information about the Top 8 and get access to viewing the event on

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