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Saginashvili: No one can forbid me to fight! >>>

Saginashvili: No one can forbid me to fight! # Armwrestling #

In his career, Levan Saginashvili pulled in both amateur and professional tournaments, so we asked him to share his opinion on the latest changes in the world of armwrestling. ()

Levan, what do you think about the PAL and WAF conflict. What happened with Genadi?

- A very bad situation is developing, and I hope everything will be settled in the near future.

Gennady is a coach of the Georgian national team and because of this he decided not to pull in Top-8, he does not want problems with WAF. I consider it wrong that athletes are put in an awkward situation. If there are problems, they need to be solved inside the organizations, why should this concern athletes? I am a free man and an athlete and no one has the right to forbid me to take part somewhere.

That's my right! Moreover, such information appeared a month before the competition, when everyone has already signed contracts with PAL.

Do you consider such actions by the world federation justified?

- No, because I did not understand what the problem is. They simply said that everything was so, and no explanation was given: why such a decision was made, what changed, if everything was fine in November.

What can you say about your participation?

- I decided to participate, and my decision will not change. Top-8 means a lot to me. This is the biggest event in my career!


You can learn more detailed information about the Top-8 and get access to viewing the event on the website

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