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Tim Bresnan: I'm not afraid to pull top guys >>>

Tim Bresnan: I'm not afraid to pull top guys # Armwrestling #

The only American representative in the Top-8 is going to bring us bright fights. But what is his opinion about the draw? ()

Tim, what do you think about the draw?

– The draw is what it is. I have wanted to pull Levan for a while. But I think with Denis out should be new draw. With him out the whole show changes.

You have a difficult rival – Levan. What will you do in the remaining month?

– All I can say is I am training hard. And am very motivated!

What do you think, what are your chances to stay in the top four and continue to fight for first place?

– My chances are good. Or I wouldn’t be fighting. I have been in this position before, where I can’t win. But as you know, I have beaten people that I was supposed to lose to.

Denis Tsyplenkov was hospitalized.

Do you think it will ease this overall tension in the eight?

– It changes the whole show! That's why I say should be redraw. Denis is good man, strong. This won’t keep him down. Good luck my friend!

Would you like to try to pull Vitaly Laletin at the table?

– I will pull anyone. But I guess he couldn’t be on champs’ side because it changes everything. It should be reshuffled. Either Trubin or me should be on A side. So, a redraw would be proper, I believe. I would like to pull the young man. He is great puller. Or Levan. I'm not afraid to pull top guys, like others.


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