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Tim Bresnan: You’ll see these hands dominating! >>>

Tim Bresnan: You’ll see these hands dominating! # Armwrestling #

After the second draw Tim Bresnan should be glad – he has a rematch with his old rival Rustam Babaev. ()

Their previous match took place in Poland at Vendetta #50. It looked like Tim was strong and he was much bigger but somehow Rustam was managed to win. It was not pure win thought, Babaev didn’t pin Bresnan’s hand single time. It was all about fouls, and Tim Bresnan was a bit confused.

So, we’ll see them again. Definitely, Rustam will have better shape, than on the first stage. And what will Tim show us?

Tim, how do you like the draw results?

– I thought this draw much more transparent than first draw.

Is it more comfortable for you to have a draw two months before the fight?

 – Knowing who I'm going to pull is great.

  It gives me time to train specific style.

What are you going to prepare for Rustam Babaev? You know his style and his strength. What should we expect this time from you?

–  I am going to prepare for Rustam how to stop him from being pushed off the pad. This time you should expect these arthritic hands to dominate!   

What do you think about other matches?

– All the matches are very competitive. Alex and Trubin - going to be a tough and very exciting match. Prudnik vs Laletin. Tough match for Prudnik with that very tall arm. But he has the size and strength now.  Ongarbaev has one chance wear Levan out. It is slim. But only way I see any hope.

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