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The most interesting armfights in the Top-8? >>>

The most interesting armfights in the Top-8? # Armwrestling #

Fights of the bottom group of the second stage of the Top-8 will be very expected, although at the first stage its participants did not show the best result. ()

The main intrigue of the second stage we can safely call the fight between Rustam Babayev and Tim Bresnan. This is revenge, and their previous meeting, which, by the way, and determined their starting positions in the Top-8, is a unique case in the history of armfights, when all the defeats took place on fouls. In their last match, Rustam turned out to be more technically prepared and got fewer fouls, due to which he was able to beat Tim, but their physical form was very close. And in fact, we did not get an answer who is stronger, but only found out who was a little better prepared and managed to use the rules to his advantage. It is these factors that fuel interest in the fight better than any advertising. It is interesting to see how the rivals worked on the bugs, because even small fluctuations in technical readiness and control of the elbows on the pads will break the scales in one direction or another, not to mention the fact that someone could add in physical form.

Duel of Dmitry Trubin and Alex Kurdecha.

For Dmitry, this is a principled fight, and we are confident that he has every chance to win if he can realize his potential and overcome the moral pressure that he, of course, is experiencing after previous defeats. After all, if he does not cope with himself, it is quite possible that a defeat in this fight could morally break Dmitriy and take him out of the rut, and this would require a long time for rehabilitation in his own eyes and faith in his strength. So, despite the everyday difficulties that Dmitry faces during the change of country of residence, we are confident that he will prepare for this armfight as seriously as possible and will fight like a lion for every millimeter of grip.

At the same time, Alex Kurdecha is only wedging into professional armwrestling, and Kydyrgali Ongarbayev’s previous defeat clearly only provoke him. His endurance and speed, which are not so often characteristic of superweighters weighing more than 150 kg, are a very strong trump against Dmitry Trubin. And it is highly expected that Alex will try to maximize his power potential, and how he will manage it, we have to see it.

We look forward to insanely interesting fights that will help put in place the eight strongest arm wrestlers of our time!

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