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Dmitry Silaev: Each of the Top-8 is unique! >>>

Dmitry Silaev: Each of the Top-8 is unique! # Armwrestling #

In September in China we will see eight strongest armwrestlers of the world. We all know these guys and look forward to their fights. ()

But there is one athlete who pulled almost all the participants of the Top-8 - Dmitry Silaev, who commented on the upcoming event for

Dmitry, you pulled with all the participants of Top-8, what can you say about them?

- I pulled with almost everyone, more precisely with seven of them, I did not pull only with Alex Kurdecha. Athletes are very good and each one is unique. In my opinion, they are all worthy and deserve victory.

Can you briefly describe each of them?

- Laletin is strong and tough. Levan is just a killing machine. Prudnik is technical, speed and intelligent. Babaev is hard and fast. Bresnan is just a tough man. Alex is power. Kydyrgali - smart and very sharp. Trubin is a tough and real hardworking.

You are the closest of all armwrestlers familiar with Vitaly Laletin, can you tell us how his training is going? Does he have noticeable progress?

- Vitaly has changed, he has become stronger. Outwardly, he already looks like a heavyweight and his training is in full swing. I can say for sure that none of the participants in the Top-8 would not feel easy at the table with him, even Levan Saginashvili.

Evgeny Prudnik recently decently added to muscle mass, but also Vitaly.

Do you think which of them will benefit the mass gain more?

- I can not say exactly who will be bigger to them, they both need to gain weight, since they are pulling in the open class and everyone is on the way to pull Levan, who weighs more than 170 kg.

How will their fight happen, who do you prefer?

- Evgeniy never pulled with Vitaly, and when they are at the table, he will understand how Vitaly is an uncomfortable opponent. I will personally attend this tournament, follow this fight and will cheer for Vitalik.

The second pair of upper grid - Levan Saginashvili and Kydyrgali Ongarbaev. There is an opinion that this is mismatch for Kydyrgali, since Levan is very big and incredibly strong. And how do you think?

- Everyone who thinks so is mistaken. These are top-level athletes who are preparing very seriously. Each of the athletes, with proper preparation, has a chance to win, and the duel between Levan and Kydyrgali is no exception.

What about bottom grid fights?

- The bottom grid is also very good. Babaev - Bresnan is an interesting duel. But just guys, try to do less fouls! Everyone is waiting for a long struggle and I would like to see a result that will not leave questions.

What about a pair of Dmitry Trubin and Alex Kurdecha?

- I have never pulled with Alex, I have no idea what form he may have. For me, the outcome of this fight is incomprehensible, but judging by the way Dmitry pulled with Kydyrgali, his will be clearly stronger than Alex.

This opinion is shared by Dmitry Silaev, who, by the way, also plans to be in China during the second stage of the Top-8. But about this and about his plans, you will find out in the next article.

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