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URPA - A powerful agent for Chinese armwrestling >>>

URPA - A powerful agent for Chinese armwrestling # Armwrestling #

On July 20th, the 3rd Dongtai Armwrestling Open (URPA event) was held in Dongtai, JS, China. ()

This event was sponsored by Dongtai Armwrestling Association and co-organized by Tie Wan (Shanghai) Sports Ltd. Dongtai Armwrestling Association is the first official regional armwrestling association in China, while Tie Wan (Shanghai) Sports Ltd is the first Chinese armwrestling organization to have the partnership with PAL. The two organizations formed a long-term partnership with the same goal of promoting and popularizing armwrestling sport throughout China, which contributed to the success of the event.

Chen Feng, the General Secretary of Dongtai Armwrestling Association, said: 'Joining URPA means the promotion of professionalism, and the cooperation with PAL means that armwrestling in Dongtai, and even the whole JS province, are officially integrated into the international armwrestling community. That's why we were so eager to get into URPA.'

Qiao Yi, as a competitor, has participated in three URPA events, Shanghai, Kuching (Malaysia) and Dongtai this time. He said: 'URPA rankings are fair for athletes from every place. For those athletes who have been training hard for years, but are unable to participate in major international events due to objective reasons, it is a good opportunity for the world to know themselves.

In addition, the good reputation of organizer and the professional level of URPA certified referees guarantee the professionalism of the competition. These are very important factors. So I've been very involved.'

In fact, the realization of URPA event is absolutely a guarantee of professionalism. All 4 referees and 1 secretary were trained and tested by Mr Zil Fadli, the PAL Head Referee. Led by Jonathan Li, the organizer's Secretary and URPA senior referee, the work team's control toward the competition was reassuring.

'The positive impact of URPA is beyond doubt,' said Ye Ming, the Chairman of Tie Wan (Shanghai) Sports. 'At the beginning of its implementation, there will surely be some resistance to its promotion due to its lack of popularity. In fact, the two URPA events we have hosted have shown that this has greatly increased the motivation of athletes to participate in armwrestling competitions. I also believe that this is just a good start. With the vigorous development of armwrestling sport in China, with our long-term and unremitting promotion of organizations around the country, coupled with the deeper cooperation with PAL, the future is bound to be brighter. That is the direction we will continue to follow in the future.'

In addition, the twice-yearly Shanghai Armwrestling Open will continue as a URPA event and be held this autumn. And the event is in preparation.

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