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Armwrestling world champion Kydyrgali Ongarbaev: how is the preparation for the fight in China? >>>

Armwrestling world champion Kydyrgali Ongarbaev: how is the preparation for the fight in China? # Armwrestling #

The second stage of the fights of the “Top 8” championship among armwrestling professionals will be held in China on September 12-16. ()

Kazakhstani Kydyrgali Ongarbaev gave a short interview to the Kazak Sports newspaper about the training being held at the Shardara armsport club in the city of Shardara, which the newspaper administration kindly shared with

Kydyrgali is being prepared in the city of Shardara of the Turkestan region in the club “Shardara armsport”. This gym is equipped with all necessary equipment, equipment for armwrestling. Kydyrgali trains for 4-5 hours a day. Preparation is at a high level.

In “Shardara armsport” many champions of their weight train, for example, in 90 kg Galymzhan Karsybaev, in 110 kg Rysdaulet Mukanbetov and others.

“If during the sparring rivals do not have enough strength to hold Kydyrgali with one hand, then they fight with two hands, with ropes and try to provide him with the greatest resistance,” – said Seyfulla Nurkhalykov, trainer, Honored Trainer of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Participants will travel to China five days before the competition. Since the world's top athletes are taking part in the Top-8 tournament, the organizers preliminarily conduct a shooting where athletes are introduced to the country where the event is taking place. Therefore, arriving earlier, according to the program, they will get acquainted with the picturesque, historical, natural places of the Chinese city of Shenzhen.

The founder of the club “Shardara armsport” Arman Karsybaev, and his colleagues Nurzhan Torekulov, Gani Malbasov, Seyfulla Nurkhalykov train and smoothly bring Kydyrgali to the fight, carefully monitoring his health and moral condition.

It should be noted that Kydyrgali Ongarbayev won the match against Polish athlete Alex Kurdecha with a score of 5: 1, the match took place in the Malaysian city of Kuching.


Aybek Mukhanov,

Member of the Union of Journalists of Kazakhstan.

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