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Konrad Krawczuk - muscle memory! # Armwrestling #

How to make a nice, cheerful interview with the Master? It's just seemingly simple, even for me (speaking modestly). Because it’s just enough to add a sense of humor of questionee and questioner and it is (should be) cheerful and fun. But ... It can't be! When I asked Konrad about some facts from a distant history - he wrote back to me, not to go into it, because ... ()

Because his best feature is - actually - memory, but ... "muscle memory"! So, for now it's only me who laughed. I invite you to conversation!

First, the interview that appeared on ARMBETS TV in 2014. Back then Konrad won third place at the World Championships. Iza recalled in this conversation that he was the first Pole, ever, to win gold at the World Championships. And then ... then there was a break. Why?

Konrad in the mentioned interview: The break was caused by "various factors". He also mentioned that he was planning to start training again.

Another "forgotten" interview from November 2016 - how did it all start?

Konrad Krawczuk: My mother brought me to armwrestling training when I was 12 years old. I was a weak, sickly child who couldn't pull up himself on the bar. Two years later I won the title of junior world champion.

How could it look like in the eyes of a twelve-year-old?

Konrad Krawczuk: Zloty Tur was then in Gdynia, near elementary school No. 27. I saw Igor, as big as a wardrobe, funny talking guy, who probably eats for breakfast teenagers such like me (that's how I received it). The first trainings were something exciting, Mr. Janusz (Piechocki) and Igor (Mazurenko) always managed to make me not feel like a freak. I felt that the club was "my place". They saw something in me, "they wanted to" and I managed not to jeopardize it. As you can see my memories are made of emotions rather than technical aspects. Igor is certainly one of the best trainers in the world, so do I had the chance to become the best, technicalities were always the right thing. It cost me the most work to shape myself as a human, my character, not strength. It's probably a truism but without Igor back then, I wouldn't be who I am today. Definitely!

You couldn't play football, but how was it with strength?

Konrad Krawczuk: I was stronger than my peers, but the gym anyway - from the first days, it had exposed my weaknesses. However, this did not discourage me, people in the club were also not discouraged by the minor.

In the first days I couldn't even pull myself up on the bar, and some time later - weighing 60 kg - I already took 40 on a chin-up belt and flew.

What techniques did you master and use in battle?

Konrad Krawczuk: Mainly the hook, but because your fight depends on what opponent allows, sometimes also upwards. What was, what is now, what will be your strongest side - apart from "muscle memory"? - Konrad Krawczuk: It's hard to say, I think I will be able to look for benefits after a year of systematic training. For now, my strength is a positive attitude.

Which opponents did you “feel” the most and how did your competition with them evolve?

Konrad Krawczuk: There was no shortage of “badass” opponents - in "our time" it was never known who would be in better and who would be in worse shape, you had to be careful of everyone.

What athletes do you admire, respect, like?

Konrad Krawczuk: There are no athletes I don't like. There is no reason to not like each other. Anyway, I've been away for so many years that I will get bored with some of them and then we'll come back to this question. I am happy to think about the potential for meeting old friends at IFA in Rumia.

Because I don't know if everyone knows that you live in Rumia. Say what you do outside of sport on every day?

Konrad Krawczuk: On a daily basis I deals with everything related to e-commerce (service, business analysis, project management, sometimes also anything lofty like packing shipments or sending mailing). In addition, together with a friend we run a studio Viking Potatoes creating computer games and various types of visualization, we dug in it after hours, we will see what will happen because we have specialists from the whole country in the team.

How you do about training with Yuliia Tochynska?

Konrad Krawczuk: So far, we've only had a few trainings at the same time, but what I've noticed is that Julia is certainly stubborn in a positive sense and for this stubbornness and not giving up even the hardest trainings with Igor, you have to admire her.

Thanks for the interview, thanks again to your mother and see you in Rumia at the first - again the first - IFA World Championships!

Konrad Krawczuk: Thanks, and see you soon!

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