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Andrey Pushkar commemorative star was presented in Ternopil >>>

Andrey Pushkar commemorative star was presented in Ternopil # Armwrestling #

On August 28, Ternopol, Ukraine, a commemorative star for Andrey Pushkar was opened. ()

The opening ceremony was attended by representatives of city authorities, relatives, friends and students of Andrey, residents of the city. They also presented a small exhibition of cups and medals received by Andrey during his sports career.

“Andrey would be very pleased and joyful about this event. For him, recognition was very important, because he put a lot of effort and hard work into his achievements.

Thank you for remembering Andrey, it is also very important for me” - said Andrey's wife Svitlana Pushkar.

“It's hard to talk about a man with whom we have been friends for many years.

In 2003, Andrey’s father, Anatoly, brought him to me and said: work with him, I’m sure he will be the best in your team. And so it happened. We traveled with him to different countries and collected trophies. His last press conference was dedicated to his most important fight - a meeting with Denis Tsyplenkov for the championship belt. And we had this fight, where Denis passed the belt to Andrey’s relatives and said that Andrey remained invincible for him.

I am grateful to everyone who listened to the voice of the soul and discovered this memorable star to a real star. Andrey is in the hearts of all of us, and now the Ternopilians still have a memory about Andrey very close” - said Igor Mazurenko.

After the opening ceremony, Pushkar Team held a small tournament for everyone, the winners received small prizes.

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