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Alex Kurdecha: I have good shape, need to bring it to China >>>

Alex Kurdecha: I have good shape, need to bring it to China # Armwrestling #

Less and less time remains for the second stage of the Top-8 in Shenzhen, China. Athletes training has already reached the finish line, only small touches remain. Is Alex Kurdecha ready for a fight with Dmitry Trubin? What does he expect from the match? ()

Alex, try to evaluate how well you managed to fulfill the preparation plan for the second stage?

- If we talk about preparation, then the entire period that I trained, I would rate at 9 out of 10. Everything that I planned to do at this time - everything worked out. It’s clear that the results that show loads at the table are not always 100% correctly transmitted in the fight, so let's see in China how much it turned out to be possible to implement everything in specific exercises, and what it gives at the table.

What do you think was the best thing you could do in preparation?

- Speaking about specific trainings, I focused on the experience that I became aware of after the first stage: on those sides that needed to be worked on and improved. And, of course, did not forget about the strengths: I also worked on them and tried to improve them to the maximum.

If we talk about the upcoming fight with Dmitry, it is important to know that he is an athlete of the highest class, and you do not need to look at his last fights, but take into account the whole story. And this story shows that he is very strong and tough, he is a fighter, he always works hard, gives all his best in training and in wrestling. So, it won’t be easy.

Will this fight be more difficult for you than the fight in the first stage?

- Let's just say it will not be easy. In general, I do not presume to predict, in armwrestling this is an ungrateful practice. It is necessary to watch what will happen on September 14 at the table, for which I urge all armwrestling fans. And now there are less than two weeks left, my form is already clear, it remains to bring it to China and fight to the maximum.

What do you expect from Trubin?

- I expect a serious fight from him, a very tough and technical match on his part. Trubin is actually strong and good at technique. He has already proved that he is a champion and knows how to win, so I'm waiting for a fight!

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