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Alex Kurdecha - Dmitry Trubin: a review from Igor Mazurenko >>>

Alex Kurdecha - Dmitry Trubin: a review from Igor Mazurenko # Armwrestling #

The fight between Dmitry Trubin and Alex Kurdecha seemed controversial, but despite the excitement, Dmitry Trubin managed to put an end to the stream of his unsuccessful performances. Igor Mazurenko summed up the outcome of the match. ()

Everyone was tense, because they thought that Dmitry Trubin would not come. His move from Kazakhstan to Russia was delayed: the authorities did not want to give Dmitry his documents, he was nervous. The stress was so strong that a little more, and Trubin could perform in men’s physique.

But Dima did not lose heart. He arrived in Hong Kong on September 11, and on the border in Hong Kong, by pure chance, they knew that he would fight in the Top-8, and they immediately gave him a visa. We waited for him in Shenzhen much later, but Dima arrived at three in the afternoon.

This is a "home" story, but what about sport one?

Not many people were sure of Alex's victory.

But in connection with what was happening, it seemed that Dima would not be able to prepare a good form, and Alex would have a chance. But no, even Dima’s form was enough for the result to be 6-0. Alex could not do anything with the hand of Dmitry Trubin, and Dmitry needed a victory like air. After a number of unsuccessful fights, he had to win - no matter who.

Next time, Dmitry Trubin will fight with Tim Bresnan. If in the battle between Rustam Babayev and Alex Kurdechi, the winning ratio is 60 40, then Trubin and Bresnan have 50 50.

Yes, Dmitry knows how to deal with such athletes, he himself has sufficiently long forearms for a comfortable fight, but Tim is such a burnt athlete that he will not let him impose a fight.

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