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Dmitry Trubin: I think my shape is enough for Alex >>>

Dmitry Trubin: I think my shape is enough for Alex # Armwrestling #

The training season for Dmitry Trubin for the second stage of the Top-8 was complicated by the move. And if at first Dmitry was positive, then closer to the event he became not too optimistic. What will Trubin show at the table? ()

Judging by the photos in social networks, Dmitry Trubin’s shape is pretty good, but it's hard to talk about the quality level of training and the technical aspect. Nevertheless, there is confidence that an athlete of his level will show a spectacular struggle, at least thanks to experience.

Dima, try to evaluate on a scale from 0 to 5, how well did you manage to fulfill the preparation plan for the second stage?

- The training was actually not so hot. The move affected my schedule, and I did not prepare as I wanted. So the rating on the scale is not too high. But this time I spent with the benefit of the family.

What do you think was the best thing you could do in preparation?

- I believe that the form that I managed to prepare is enough to fight Alex.

What do you expect from Alex? What do you think he opposes to you?

- What Alex has prepared for me, I don’t know. But we will see this in the near future - September 14 - at the table.

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