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Rustam Babaev - Tim Bresnan: a review from Igor Mazurenko >>>

Rustam Babaev - Tim Bresnan: a review from Igor Mazurenko # Armwrestling #

Fans were waiting for a rematch between Tim Bresnan and Rustam Babayev, because their previous fight was very controversial and left a lot of questions. This time everything was decided unequivocally. ()

Many believed that the winner of this match would be Rustam Babayev, they said that he would confirm his championship and dispel all doubts that arose during their previous meeting in 2018. But there were skeptics who clearly imagined that Rustam had no chance. So, in fact, it happened.

Rustam Babaev lacks anthropometry to fight giants weighing 150 kg, whose forearms are much longer than Rustam, and hand and fingers are bigger. His crown hook had no chance in the fight with Tim. And in the last fights, we saw Bresnan knock out Babaev’s wrist and completely control the fight until the end.

What did Tim need to win in 2018? Just put his hand on the pad and control his elbow well, which then just flew off the pillow. Although whether it flies, it is also another question, only to refereeing.

Before arriving in China, Rustam gave us an interview, in which he said that his strength indicators and shape improved by 10%, but this, as it turned out, was not enough to fight Bresnan. With all due respect to Rustam, I was among those who were not too sure of his victory. Only I did not expect such an account - 6: 0. No chance.

Rustam Babayev lost. He will continue to fight Alex Kurdecha. Tim Bresnan in the rivals gets Dmitry Trubin.

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