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Anna Mazurenko: Another dimension of sport >>>

Anna Mazurenko: Another dimension of sport # Armwrestling #

Twenty years ago, I was not interested in any sport. Actually, I didn't know it is possible to pull and it can be a competition. So it was before meeting with Igor. ()


Para ARM

Photo exhibition - Tomasz Wiśniowski - December 2019

Municipal Public Library in Rumia

On December 5-8, along with the IFA World Armwrestling Championship, “Zloty Tur” Professional Armwrestling World Cup and the TOP 8 Championship Finals, a photo exhibition of Tomek "Wiśnia" Wiśniowski will take place in Rumia, not far from the 4 days armwrestling festival venue.

 The date and place are not chosen by accident. Tomek's heroes of photography are Para Arm athletes who took part in last year's Disabled World Cup.

The idea of this photo art event came to Anna Mazurenko, the inspirer and organizer of the annual Disabled World Cup. She invited Tomasz, and he knew perfectly well what to do. And he did it. Those who fought, supported, refereed at the last Disabled Cup - will recognize themselves in the pictures. This is the first ever (I have no doubt about it) exhibition of photos devoted to our sport.

The venue for the exhibition is very modern and prestigious.

We reach a whole new audience with the information about armwrestling for the athletes with impairments. Library attendees are not often found in sports arenas and vice versa. Anna Mazurenko invites everybody to this exciting and motivating exhibition.

After exhibition in Poland is over, photos will travel the world. First they go to Kiev, to the legendary Klitschko Center, and then ... wherever armwrestling fans are.

Anna Mazurenko:

“Twenty years ago I was not interested in any sport. I had no idea that armwrestling was a sport at all and that there could be any competition in this discipline. That was until I met Igor Mazurenko. Back then, Igor was determined to build this sport in Poland, specifically in the Tri-City. Immediately,  from the point of complete indifference to sports, I found myself at the epicenter of sporting events. Each subsequent event literally fell through our apartment and devoured us completely.

Now, when many organizational matters have become routine, it is time for the "New Dimension of Sport" - that is everything that is happening and will be happening next to purely sports competition.

Armwrestling is my life ...

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