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Mindaugas Tarasaitis: I will win 70 kg on the right hand on Zloty Tur! >>>

Mindaugas Tarasaitis: I will win 70 kg on the right hand on Zloty Tur! # Armwrestling #

Once Mindaugas Tarasaitis promises, he brings his promise to life. He proved it at China Open. What fights we should expect from him at Zloty Tur? ()

You promised to win both classes in China and you manage to do it on 75%. How did you like it? What can you tell about Roman Mantyka?

- Yes, I did expect a good result since my shape is getting better and better. I was still not sure about my left arm, it doesn't do well lately. Meanwhile, Roman felt super strong on his left. I didn't really know him before the China event and wasn't ready for his triceps press move in our first fight. I think that move even stretched my pronator. And the second fight ended on fouls. After all, I still felt that Roman was much stronger on the left. But on the right arm, it's a different story. Didn't feel him at all. So, I consider it as a good result for me, since he will now go to Zloty at 86 kg, while I am only 70 kg.

What classes are you going to pull at Zloty Tur? Who do you expect to meet there?

- I will win 70 kg on the right hand and attempt to win it on the left. I hope that all the strongest armwrestlers will show up.

What do you think about revenge armfight with Roman?

- I would like to do it, but I feel like I need a bit more time to recover my left arm. If he wants to try my right again, I will do it with pleasure anytime.

Couple of words about Top-8. Did you expect to see such matchups as a result of fights in China?

- I was always the guy who doesn't care about other weight classes. And I am still like that. I cannot even remember who competes in Top-8 (laughes). I am just waiting for 70 kg in the Top-8.

Will you be very surprised if Vitaly Laletin will won at the third stage? Who, as for you, will take the third place?

- I like Vitaly, but I always want power pullers to win. I don't like styles which only rely on explosive start and tricks in the grip. If Vitaly can stop Levan and fight in an equal position for at least a couple seconds, I would appreciate that.



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