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Tim Bresnan: I hope Trubin’s pretty muscles are strong! >>>

Tim Bresnan: I hope Trubin’s pretty muscles are strong! # Armwrestling #

Coming to the end of preparation process, we asked Tim Bresnan about his shape. And we are sure, this fight will not be easy for Dmitry Trubin! ()

Tim, you trained with your grandson for the fight with Rustam Babayev.  Who helped you get ready this time?

- This time I did my standard training. Ramping up the closer the match gets trying to put on weight.

You pulled with Dmitry Trubin on the Zloty Tur, and then he hooked even Andrey Pushkar.  Apparently, he was in great shape. What can you say about his preparation in the Top-8?

- Well, we did pull one time. And truth is if you look back at video, he didn't pin me. I was able to hold him off. Ref called early pin.  And we never had another chance to pull. I don't remember him hooking anyone as far as I recall he hit him with a hard toproll but I could be mistaken. As for his preparation - I don’t know,  frankly I don’t care.

  The only thing I am concerned about is my preparation and my strength. I just hope Trubin’s pretty muscles are also strong.

He said that his preparation for the fight against Kurdecha was minimal.  How ready he must be to win against you?

- I honestly don’t think about his preparation.  But he better do more than minimal or it could be bad for him. 

What will be the basis of your fighting style? Did you invent something new for him?

- I will fight in a way that matches my opponent. 

Who will you cheer for in the third stage?  Who do you think will take first place?

- Vitaly and Levan I think will be great fight. But I think Levans strength is too much. But Vitali is a craft puller and  the rest of the fights has all great fighters. And will have to see how they prepared for each fight!


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