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The third stage of the top - 8. Tim Bresnan against Dmitry Trubin >>>

The third stage of the top - 8. Tim Bresnan against Dmitry Trubin # Armwrestling #

This, in our opinion, is a kind of title fight because, after all, Tim Bresnan is a well-deserved champion of the second echelon. ()

Perhaps he is half a step lower than super champions, incredibly gifted by nature, such as Andrey Pushkar, Denis Tsyplenkov, Levan Saginashvili, Vitaly Laletin. But he is a whole step higher than everyone else. The American heavyweight cooled the ambitions of many eminent athletes, among them were Krasimir Kostadinov, and rising star Dmitry Silaev, and the current Top-8 semi-finalist Evgeny Prudnik, and even Alexey Voevoda, who was trying to make a comeback. And so we can safely say that this fight will be decisive for our understanding of the prospects of Dmitry Trubin in the world top.

As for the fight itself, let's try to make out the strengths of both rivals. Both Dmitry and Tim have a strong pronation and an entire angle, including wrist tension and biceps, but in a classic, tightening hook, probably Tim is stronger. At the same time, Dmitry has a triceps fight in the arsenal, against which Bresnan stretched technique is quite vulnerable, and a faster start.

So what should Tim do to win? Most likely, he will fight with the second number, and his task is to prevent the knock out of his hand and to prevent the triceps press.

Consequently, he needs to be tactically prepared to predict where the attack will be directed, and in case of toproll, he must to try to get into the straps, after which he will attack diagonally, constrictively. If Dmitry will try to jump into the triceps, Tim should drag the fight closer to him, not allowing the opponent to go deep and close the grip with his shoulder.

Dmitry, for sure, will try to use his main technique - the toproll, and in addition to the fact that he can be faster than Tim, it could already be enough. But if Tim’s wrisr is strong enough to restrain Trubin’s stretch, he can use the triceps fight very effectively, which he showed against Michael Todd. And if we remember Tim Bresnan’s fights against Rustam Babayev, then recall Rustam, despite his anthropometry, could fall into a deep hook at the start. However, Trubin’s leverage is significantly longer, and it will be much easier for him than for Babaev to jump into the closed position of the struggle in the triceps. Tim, on the contrary, will need to pull his opponent’s hand much further so that he loses his effective position.

Perhaps Dmitry Trubin will have the starting advantage, and the outcome of the match will depend on whether Dmitry will be able to realize it fully, and if he can, then he will be the favorite and winner with a score of 4-2 or 5-1.

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