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Top-8 in the 95 kg class: registration opened! >>>

Top-8 in the 95 kg class: registration opened! # Armwrestling #

This year the Zloty Tur will be special, and most of all - the weight class up to 95 kg on the right hand because next year Top-8 will be launched in this class. How will this happen? ()

Now there are already three participants in the Top-8 category 95 kg: Kydyrgali Ongarbayev and Rustam Babaev are moving from superheavyweights, and we are also waiting for confirmation from another famous athlete. These three armwrestlers get the status of champions. There are five free places left.

“Three out of five ones receive a prize three of the 95 kg category, with the winner also receiving champion status, and the second and third get the status of the contenders. For the remaining two places, there will be held transition fights between athletes who took 4-6 places in the category at the Zloty Tur. These fights will be held in January-February next year. We believe that the grid in this case does not provide an objective position, therefore such fights are necessary. So, an athlete with fourth place will fight with an athlete with sixth place, and fifth with seventh”, - explains PAL President Igor Mazurenko.

Thus, the main structure and reserve with two will be formed.

According to preliminary plans, the Top-8 in the weight of 95 kg will be held at the same tournaments as the Top-8 among superheavyweights, but the possibility of organizing each tournament on a separate platform is not ruled out. In any case, the finals will be held at the Professional World Cup Zloty Tur in Poland.

The registration procedure for 95 kg category participants on the Zloty Tur is online. The athlete who wants to participate in it must fill out the registration form, be sure to indicate contact information. After submitting the application, he must receive confirmation of registration from the organizers. Without confirmation, the athlete is not considered registered and cannot participate in the category.

Each week we will publish updated lists of registered athletes.

Those athletes who did not first enter the list of participants are selected in the reserve.

To register, fill out the form.

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