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Vitaly Laletin: I look forward to a great power from Levan >>>

Vitaly Laletin: I look forward to a great power from Levan # Armwrestling #

Preparation for the third stage of the Top-8 goes to the finish line. Everyone expects a miracle from Vitaliy Laletin. Can the Russian heavyweight cope with Levan Saginashvili? ()

Vitaly, what will you do to win against Levan?

- I will fight at the maximum of my capabilities to win.

Do you think you did everything possible during the preparation? What do you expect from Levan and what can you oppose to him?

- During the preparation, I did a lot of things, but actually there was not enough time. After the fight with Evgeny Prudnik, I went into the training process for several weeks, now I need to go out. And I only trained normally for three weeks, maybe a month. From Levan I expect a great powerful force, which is almost impossible to resist.

What did you focus on in preparation? Did you sharpen technical issues?

- In training, I focused on accuracy so as not to be injured. Regarding technical issues, I didn’t come up with anything new, I did what I can do.

I tried to imitate Levan's hand, but since it is two times larger than mine is, the training efficiency was low.

By the way, what do you think, if you had a sparring partner as strong as Levan, could you become even stronger than now?

- Of course, I could achieve better results, because with such strong sparring partners it is possible to become stronger.

Do your hands have enough time to relax?

- After Evgeny, I had minor injuries, but everything healed, and yes, my hands have time to rest.

Who do you think will take third place?

- Here is an interesting situation. If Evgeny can twist Kydyrgali in a hook, I have no doubt that Evgeny will win. But if Ongarbayev opens Prudnik wrist and he will not be able to hold him, then the victory is for Kydyrgali.


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